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What We Will Need To Build Your Website

     We will need you to send the Web Wizzard photos and text to be used in creating your website.

     This is easier than you might think.  Looking at the sample that you are basing your site on you can easily see the types of photos you will need.  Most any digital camera will suffice to produce photos that will be adequate for use on your website.  It is NOT necessary to hire a professional photographer to take your web photos.

Here are some tips for taking your photos.

  1. It is not necessary to take very high resolution photos.  We request that the photos be sent to us at around 300 dpi so that if we need to do any editing we have some leeway but will do the best we can with what you send.  The photos you send us will ultimately be reduced to 72 dpi.
  2. When photographing anything it is important to keep the camera level (unless you are intentionally shooting for an effect).  Looking through the view finder or on view screen find something that is horizontal or vertical as a clue that you are holding the camera level.  A row of windows or the side of a building for example.
  3. Hold the camera steady.  Cameras with a view screen are almost impossible to hold steady while pressing the shutter button.  It is the natural tendency to hold these cameras out in front of you and that is a very unstable position.  Find a way to brace the camera.
    1. Set the camera down on a railing.
    2. Hold the camera against a tree or anything else vertical.
    3. If the camera has a viewfinder that you can look through use it,  a camera braced against the face is fairly steady.
  4. When taking pictures of people it is a tendency to put the person's face in the center of the frame.  Don't!  There are two types of people pictures, head shots and body shots.  In head shots you need the top of the head to be near the top of the frame and (generally) only show down to the shoulder area.  Remember this rule:  The top of the head can be out of the frame but not the bottom.

When doing body shots there is rarely a reason to include anything below the waist.  Think of the right below the elbows as the cut off point.  An exception would be to extend the picture further down to include the hands.  If so, the hands should not just hang down.  They should do something like hold a book or something.  If including the hands try to pose them so that are mostly edge on to the camera and stay away from them being flat to the camera.  (This is a general rule and not an hard and fast rule.)

  1. Usually when photographing a building you want be sure to include all of the building.  It is very easy to let part of the building slip out of the picture.  This is not a hard and fast rule.  Large buildings may be impossible to photograph in one shot.  In other cases as shot on an angle leaving out part of the building might look more appealing.  When shooting a good rule of thumb is to shoot, shoot, shoot.  Then sit back and decide what will best give the impression you want to convey.
  2. When photographing a building it is most important to make sure that the camera is held level unless you are deliberately creating an effect.  If you are photographing a tall object and have to tilt the camera up to get it in the frame be aware that the picture will be distorted.  Photograph a tall building standing so the camera is pointed up at an angle.  When you look at the picture you will see the sides of the building tilt toward the center.  When doing your shooting experiment.  Breaking a rule might give you a dramatic photo to use.

Here are some tips for your text.

  1. It is not necessary to be extremely verbose (unlike, they tell me, I am). 
  2. This may sound silly, but somewhere on your website be sure to include the company name, telephone number, fax number, web address, email addresses for each department and or each department head, or even every employee.  I suggest including your street address, too.  Remember, not every person finding you on the web will be across the country.  Some will be just down the street.  For many companies (restaurants for example) not having your street location would be self defeating.
  3. Everything you say on your website should do one of three things; 1-Tell the visitor what problem you can solve for them (are they hungry or do they need tires for their car). 2-Tell the visitor how you can solve his problem (represent him in his court appearance or repaint his house).  3-Tell them why they should give you their business (no one is better at what you do or your prices are the best he will find [both of these in the case of the Web Wizzard).
  4. Make the "About Us" page (if included) person centric.  People want to feel like they know the people they do business with.  It will help build loyalty.  If your business has one or two owners do a bio on them including pics.  If you are a larger business you might focus on the business philosophy as implemented through the managers eyes while including his photo.
  5. If you have a small staff it can be great to have a page with each employee's photo and a short bio.  If you include their title, email address, and direct phone number (phone number optional) your customers will know who to order from or who can solve their problem.  We suggest you only use first names.

Descriptive Words

     We will need every word that you can think of that describes your business.  Not only that, we need every two, three, and four word phrases that describes your business.

     Lets pick a business to use as an example.  I'm going to use the one I've been using, Attention to Details (you didn't think I was going to change now, did you?).  Hidden in the underbelly of your website all those words and phrases will be inserted in a way that the search engines can use to rate your website. 

     As I told you before, and I suspect you checked out for yourself, Attention to Details is one of the highest rated auto detailing websites when you search for it in Jacksonville.  The reason?  The descriptive words used and how they are used.  That is the secret all those people are selling when they promise you great website placement on the search engines.

As for Attention to Details, here are the descriptive words they use:

Attention to Details, automobile Detailing, Jacksonville, auto detail, auto, Jax, beach, beaches, automobile, Detail, Detailer, Seminole, Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra, wax, polish, car polish, Jacksonville, Florida, Jax, Detailer, Detail, Auto, Mobile Detailing, Brunswick Ga., Georgia, Auto Detailing, Auto Polishing, Auto Washing, Auto Cleaning, Automobile Waxing, Automobile Detailing, Automobile Washing, Automobile Cleaning, Car Waxing, Car Detailing, Car Polishing, Car Washing, auto detail, Car Cleaning, Washing, Motercycle Cleaning, Cycle Waxing, Cycle Detailing, Cycle Polishing, Cycle Washing, Cycle Cleaning, Bike Waxing, Bike Detailing, Bike Washing, Bike Cleaning, Boat Waxing, Boat Detailing, Boat Polishing, Boat Washing, Boat Cleaning, Detailing, Washing, Motor Home Waxing, Motor Home Detailing, Motor, RV, R.V., RV's, SUV, Home Polishing, Motor Home Washing, Motor Home Cleaning, Automobile detail auto detailing Co. located in Jacksonville Florida, Jacksonville Beaches, Brunswick Ga., Georgia, Mobile auto detail that comes to you. Water & Electric onboard. Services Jacksonville Beach & the Beaches, wash your car, auto restoration, Attention to Detail Auto Detailing car wash, Jacksonville Beaches, Brunswick Ga., Georgia, RV, Boat

     I'll bet you wouldn't have guessed there were so many ways to describe the detailing business.  So when you set down to make your list don't hurry.  In the end that list just might be the most important part of the whole deal.

     One more secret.  If there are good search words in your list that are often misspelled, they should be added in the misspelled form.  Do not over abuse this. 

     If you have questions about any specific problems or changes you want, the Web Wizzard (click here) is as close as an email.  In many cases simple changes can be accommodated at no additional charges.  While the Economy websites are based on one of the samples, it is our desire that your site be unique.  And remember, our Economy Packages are simply a starting point.  We can add anything you wish to your site.  See the Extras page for pricing.

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