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     How does your website make you money?  That is the basic question.  If there isn't a good answer to that question then you are just spending vanity money.

     Before you make a cent from your website people must find your website.  You could sell hundred dollar bills for a dollar but is no one finds your website you still won't make get any business from your website.

     In this century most of your new customers will first meet you through your website if (and that is the important word, if) if they can find your website when they are looking for your product or service.

     So lets look at how people learn about websites.  First, you should have your web address and email address on every piece of paper you use or anything with your name on it.  Business cards, letterheads, invoices, billboards, menus, flyers, catalogs, telephone book ads, coupons, any ad you run, bowling shirts, on your vehicles (trucks, company cars, company jet, etc.) wherever the public might see it.

     Even then, unless you are a Coca-Cola and advertise world wide you will only be seen by a limited number of people.  And that is just not good enough.

     Almost everyone in the world knows about Google.  I (and probably you, too) go straight to Google when I want to find something.  While Google isn't the only search engine, I am going to use it as an example.  And I'm going to use one of my clients (Attention to Details) as an example of how to make your website make you money.

     Let me apologize because I'm going to take a little time to talk about good website design.  First, notice that there are no large, complicated graphics on his website.  Those can take a long time to load over a dial-up connection.  And as of 2007, almost half of the US were still using dial-up.  Experience has shown a page that takes more than 60 seconds to load is often canceled before it loads.

     Second, you can see what his business is all about right on the first page.  It shows you the name of the business, what it does, and how to contact him.  You don't have to spend time going from page to page to page to learn the most basic information.  Right away you know if you are somewhere you want to be or not.

     Third, using quick loading graphics he has a attractive and colorful website.  The links to answer any questions are right there and not hidden away.  Every page has the phone number to make an appointment in an easy to see location.  He also has information for those who wish to do their own vehicles.  Carl informs me that people often call for an appointment after trying to properly detail their car.  They don't realize just how much work in involved.

All in all, www.attentiontodetails.biz is a very well designed website that makes Carl money each and every day.

     Now (finally) lets talk about search engines and how they are the key to your website making you money.  And again, while there are many search engines I am going to use Google as my example.

     Up there at the very start of your website, back underneath where you can't see it, is the secret to how your website is handles by the search engines. 

     Lets look at an example.  I'm going to use the one I've been using, Attention to Details (you didn't think I was going to change now, did you?).  Hidden in the underbelly of your website all those words and phrases will be inserted in a way that the search engines can use to rate your website. 

     As I told you before, and I suspect you checked out for yourself, Attention to Details is one of the highest rated auto detailing websites when you search for it in Jacksonville.  The reason?  The descriptive words used and how they are used.  That is the secret all those people are selling when they promise you great website placement on the search engines.

As for Attention to Details, here are the descriptive words they use:

Attention to Details, automobile Detailing, Jacksonville, auto detail,auto,Jax, beach, beaches, automobile, Detail, Detailer,Seminole,Sawgrass,Ponte Vedra, wax, polish,car polish,Jacksonville, Florida,Jax, Detailer, Detail, Auto, Mobile Detailing, Brunswick Ga., Georgia, Auto Detailing, Auto Polishing, Auto Washing, Auto Cleaning, Automobile Waxing, Automobile Detailing, Automobile Washing, Automobile Cleaning, Car Waxing, Car Detailing, Car Polishing, Car Washing,auto detail, Car Cleaning,Washing, Motercycle Cleaning, Cycle Waxing, Cycle Detailing, Cycle Polishing, Cycle Washing, Cycle Cleaning, Bike Waxing, Bike Detailing,Bike Washing, Bike Cleaning, Boat Waxing, Boat Detailing,Boat Polishing, Boat Washing, Boat Cleaning,Detailing, Washing, Motor Home Waxing, Motor Home Detailing, Motor, RV, R.V., RV's, SUV, Home Polishing, Motor Home Washing, Motor Home Cleaning, Automobile detail auto detailing Co. located in Jacksonville Florida,Jacksonville Beaches,Brunswick Ga., Georgia, Mobile auto detail that comes to you. Water & Electric onboard. Services Jacksonville Beach & the Beaches, wash your car, auto restoration,Attention to Detail Auto Detailing car wash,Jacksonville Beaches, Brunswick Ga., Georgia, RV, Boat

     I'll bet you wouldn't have guessed there were so many ways to describe the detailing business.  So when you set down to make your list don't hurry.  In the end that list just might be the most important part of the whole deal.

     Now, if you do business all over the world, or want to do business all over the world, you don't want to list any city, state, or country in your words.  If you only do business in one country then list it, one state then list it.  And as you see, you can list only the cities you do business in.  This won't keep someone from around the world from seeing your website, but it insures that when someone in Jacksonville is looking for a detailer, he gets Attention to Details right up front and not some detailer in California.

     Say you had a pizza restaurant.  You could not only include your city but the neighborhoods near you.  Trust me, that is the way people are searching in this century.

     Google (and the other search engines) will examine your website and place your search terms in it's databank.  When a query that has some of your search words in it, you are included in the response.  Where in the queue you appear depends on many different things, not just the search terms you use.  The web wizzard will attempt to arrange your search engine ranking so that you appear near the top, we can make no guarantee as to where you will appear.

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