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     Do you have any idea how many people are on the Internet?  I asked one of the on-line encyclopedias and it said (on a Sunday night) over one and a half billion.  Current population of Earth is 6.6 billion.  If these numbers are right, one quarter (almost) of all the people on Earth are on line as I write this.  I admit that number seems rather high but lets admit it, there are a bunch of people on the net.

     The latest number that I have seen is that over 3/4 of the people start the search for information or products on the Internet.  I know I do.  It doesn't matter if I am checking to see if the Barnes and Nobles down the street has the book I want or if I need new tires for the car, I start on the Internet. 

     One of the sites I did (www.attentiontodetails.biz), is an auto detailing company.  The owner of this business does almost everything right.  He has reduced his telephone book advertising every year since his site got established.  He was paying over a thousand dollars a month for his telephone ad at the start. I was talking with him last week and he is down to less than five hundred a month and is considering dropping it all except a two line listing.  He is convinced the majority of his new business comes from his website.  Go to Google and google "auto detailing Jacksonville, FL".  He will usually come up on the first page.  This time he was the first one listed.  And by the way, Google says there are over 77,000 entries for that search.

     Having a website is so much more than just putting the site up.  That is just a start.  But once it is up and running it is a cash cow.  There are so many ways to make money it is hard to know where to start.

     Say you have a Baseball card shop, or a Comic Book shop, or, well, any collectables shop.  What so you do when you get a gem of an item?  Put it in the showcase and wait for a customer to notice it?  Start calling those you think might be interested?  Do a mailing to all or most of your customers?

     Well, I am sure you can see the benefits and problems with all those methods.  But with a Web Wizzard website not only can you put up a special page about the item so every visitor to your site will see it, you can email every one of your customers on your list telling them about it and they will get the message is just minutes.  And without the cost of paper, envelops, postcards, and postage.  Which do you think is the best?

     What if you have a restaurant?  Posting your daily menu or special will do two thing for you.  One, it will let the customer know what you are serving that day before he gets there, and two, it keep a customer from forming a negative image because he didn't find anything he wanted once he was there.  You can even easily take orders over the Internet saving the time of someone having to do it over the phone.

     Every service company is losing money if they don't have a Web Wizzard website and a customer list.  Listing your service and the prices lets the prospective customer know what to expect when they call.  You save the time needed to tell callers "the average lawn cost 49.00 for service" over and over, day after day.  You prequalify your caller.  And more important, when you look at your appoints and see there is a day with not much work it only takes a little effort to email ALL your customers with a special for that day only.  Trust me, it will fill in the day.  Especially when you specify the special is good only for the first so many customers and then tell the late callers that they missed out.  They will be sure to call early next time.

     Or take most any shop.  A hobby shop, a speed shop, a dress shop, or any other type of merchandise shop.  A Web Wizzard website allows customers to find you, know what you stock, know what you have on sale, and even more important, gives you an audience that you can reach at almost no cost.

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