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     How can the Web Wizzard possibly get you a domain name, design you a website, and put it on the Internet for only $259.95 (US)?

     The same way Henry Ford wound up selling a car for $500.00.  Our Economy Package puts the process on an assembly line.  You fill out the forms on line, choose the sample you want to use, and send us the pictures and text.  All we have to do is get your domain name and plug your information into the sample you have chosen.  Once that is done we post your site on the Internet and tell the Internet where you are so everyone can find your site.

     You know your business.  You are the one best qualified to describe what you do and how you do it.  And with everyone having a digital camera it is no problem to shoot a few pictures and email them to us.  You decide the general look of your website by choosing a sample, what it will say and what pictures will be used.  You do all the hard work, we just assemble it and put it on the Internet.

     At least that is the theory.  In fact we find that there is always some person to person interaction and usually some small customization of the site.  As long as this is minor there won't be any extra charges.

     But don't worry.  If you have need of more special attention or you want more than the samples offer we offer custom design work to fit everyone's needs.  No matter what your need the Web Wizzard can supply the solution.

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