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     The Web Wizzard will work with you to pick a domain name.  Be aware that millions of names have already been registered and are therefore unavailable for your use.  Usually some form of your business name will be available.  For instance, while www.pizza.com is in use, www.firstcoastpizza.com is available.

     Next we will need to know how many email addresses you plan on using (12 included at no extra cost) and the names for each one as well as a password for each one.  Each password must be at least 6 characters long, contain both upper and lower case characters as well as at least one numeric character.  For example, "Ed45owf3" is a valid password.  "erfower" however, is not.

     Once a name is selected we will register it with GoDaddy.Com and tell them what they need to know so that everyone can find you on the web.  GoDaddy fees for registering and configuring your website and email addresses are included in your set up price.

     Then the Web Wizzard will upload your website to the Internet and send you a private URL (address) so you may verify that all the information is correct before it is released to the public.  Once we have your authorization we will move your website to its public address for all the world to see.

     The Web Wizzard hosts all of it's websites on a large server farm that provided redundant back-up with all sites replicated on servers near both coasts.  This helps insure that almost anything smaller that a global disaster will not interfere with your website or email being available.  We also keep an up to date copy of your website on our servers as well as keeping a backup in a safety deposit box.

     Unlike other web development companies, the Web Wizzard remembers that we work for you.  You may cancel our business relationship at any time and receive a full refund of unused hosting fees as well as a DVD with your complete website copied onto it.  I have never seen any other developer make this offer.  There are only two conditions.  First, all invoices must be current.  Second, there is a $10.00 charge for coping and mailing your copy to you.

     Remember, we can provide much more than is included in the Economy Packages.  Email jim@webwizzard.com for quotes on custom development.


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