Hair Examples

& Some Styles

We employ a group of highly individualistic and extremely talented artists.  Between the group available you will find specialist in every conceivable hairstyle you can imagine.  As a group they have produced hairstyles suitable for the annual Napoleonic Ball as well as the 32nd Century Ball.  Styles for the Presidential Inauguration as well as presidential funerals.  We often receive calls from as far away as the west coast (and in a couple of cases, Europe) from people wanting an appointment for some special occasion.

In the five years we have been located in Palm Beach, FL, we have come to be known as "the" stylist of the rich and famous.  We do have private rooms for those who prefer that their presence not be known.

While we will accept walk-ins it is strongly advised that you call first.  Most of our artists are on site only when they have an appointment. 

Our Artistic Staff

Pierre the STAR of our staff

Angeline   Rosaline
and her sister
Rachael       Barbareene
The Rupert & Ramón Brothers


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