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Chef Salad - Fresh crisp lettuce,     Grilled Country Smoked Ham -  
garnished with boiled egg, cheese,     Breakfast size, with one vegetable and  
sliced cucumbers, tomato wedges,     a biscuit 6.69
a ring of onion, seasoned croutons and        
your choice of dressing 4.69   Chicken Livers - Breaded and deep  
      fried to golden brown, with one  
Chef Salad Deluxe - As above plus     vegetable and a vegetable 5.99
your choice of ham, turkey, or roast        
beef 5.89   Fish Plate - Breaded and deep fried,  
      served with tarter sauce, one 6.59
Ultimate Chef Salad Deluxe - Chef     vegetable and hushpuppies or corn  
Salad with a generous portion of ham,     bread (also baked or grilled) 6.69
turkey and roast beef. 6.59      
      Ribeye - 4 oz. cooked to order, served  
Grilled Chicken Breast Classic Chef     with one vegetable and biscuit 6.99
- Strips of tender chicken breast atop        
crisp garden vegetables 1.69   Pork Chop - One chop served with one  
      vegetable and biscuit 6.99
Grilled Steak Strips - "The Ultimate"        
Chef Salad.  Lean and tender seasoned     Corned Beef Hash - served with one  
steak strips cooked to order atop crisp     vegetable and biscuit 5.99
garden vegetables 8.19      
      Senior Pan Fry - Grilled Hash Browns,  
Deserts onions, bell peppers, topped with
      cheese and one egg any style, toast  
Jello, Cobbler, Bread Pudding 1.89   or biscuit 4.49
      With ham, bacon or sausage 5.89
Cream Pies - Chocolate, Coconut,        
Lemon, Banana (slice) 1.89   Fried Shrimp - Succulent shrimp  
Whole Pie 6.89   lightly breaded and golden fried served  
      with tarter sauce, hush puppies, and  
Baked Pies - Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin 2.49   one vegetable 8.99

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