I founded the 47th Street Dinner in 1964 after dropping out of Harvard.  Having come under the influence of Dr. Timothy Leary and taking his advice to tune in, turn on, and drop out, I found that someone still had to keep society running.

The 47th Street Dinner grew out of an attempt to make sure the true drop outs could find a meal even if they didn't have any money.  Having changed location several times I came across an abandoned dinner on the corner of Lexington and 47th street.  With a lot of work we were able to bring the dinner up to the current codes and get a license to operate.  Since then we have not had to move any.


Since the days of the hippies the clientele has changed with the times.  Now the breakfast and lunch crowd consist mostly of people who work in the financial district while the dinner group is mostly those getting an early start toward the theaters.  And, of course, we embrace a wide verity of people who embrace our 24 hour lifestyle.

While there have been many changes in the clientele over the years, the 47th Street Dinner still embraces the philosophy we had in the sixties.  Every employee is eligible for an educational scholarship.  We offer flex time for those who need to split working hours because of school, child care, or parental care.  All employees are eligible to join our fully matched 401K plan and we provide free family hospitalization insurance.

The employees of the 47th Street Dinner are a family.  We support one another whenever there is a crises.  We are proud of the support we give one another.  Because of this we still have two of the original employees from 1964 employed here today.

Come in today and enjoy our great food and happy staff.

                                        Jerry Stephens

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