Joann and Mary Lou are twin sisters who love to cook.  From the time they were old enough to reach the kitchen counter (and sometimes before then) they were in the kitchen.  While they developed the ability to prepare many different types of cuisine, they both gravitated toward deserts.

At age fourteen they shared the Pillsbury Annual Prize as the beat cook in America.  By this time they would spend days baking pies, cakes and other treats all during November and December as gifts to relatives and friends.

At age sixteen their Economics teacher suggested that they go into business selling their deserts.  That holiday season was the turning point in their lives.  While still presenting their special friends and relatives with gifts of their cooking, they still took orders and made over a thousand dollars in just two months.  They never looked back.

After spending just six months in college they quit and cashed in their college fund to open The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY.  Unlike most companies they turned a profit the first quarter they were in business.  In the fifteen years they have been in business the economy has been good and it has been bad.  The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY'S business has only been good.

Five years ago The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY opened it's first franchise location in Chicago.  Since then it has been hard to keep up with all the new locations opening.  The only rule is the they will only one The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY in each town.  Even Ney York has only one.  Some say it is even worse that the "Soup Nazi" from the Seinfeld show.


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