If there is not already an AMERICAN PIE COMPANY in your town you are encouraged to contact us about owning your very own franchise of The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY.


The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY will only consider franchises under the age of 30 years old.  We are only interested in joining with those young enough to develop a family tradition to pass down to their heirs.  This is not a decision to be entered into lightly as there is a requirement of an investment of $150,000.00 to purchase one of our franchises.  However, unlike every other franchise company in the world we guarantee that your franchise will not fail if you follow our proven program.  Our proven site survey has never selected a location that has not been profitable.


The AMERICAN PIE COMPANY franchise will guarantee you a comfortable return for your old age as well as a lifetime income for your family for generations to come.  We have families that own several franchises and it appears that they will become another Kennedy or Rockefeller clam within three generations.  The door of opportunity has not yet closed.  We still have many locations available in America and plan to go global in 2012.


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